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brian ringtones

Here are some Brian ringtones for your phone.

Lovingly handcrafted in Brian's shed.

If you like these ringtones why not donate something to Comic Relief? Go on, go on go on. They do such marvellous work.

Stuck in a Phone

Annoying (this really is quite annoying)

For iPhone just download the files, then drag and drop them to iTunes and they should show up as "ringtones"

For most Android phones they should open automatically within the Android mp3 player use the menu option , it should give you the option to use them as ring tones. If you have neither an Android nor an iPhone we don't really have a clue, but you should be able to do something with the Android files (they are mp3s)

Brian loves it when people make daft Brian stuff on the web, so feel free to use this, we're hoping to opensource more Brian soon. Bottom line, you can do anything but sell it, if you want to sell it then please ASK FIRST.

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